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What is clay brick?

Clay brick is a very popular building material used in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial structures, although refinements have been made in the brick manufacturing process, it remains largely unchanged from the manufacture of the earliest bricks, estimated to be the around 10000 years ago in the middle east, indeed, brick-making in developed areas of the world is indistinguishable from what took place thousands of years ago, The size of bricks remains largely unchanged as well, although variation exist among regions, which may be reflective of the fact that larger bricks will provide greater insulation in colder regions.

Clay brick is made from mixing clay with water and an aggregate such as sand to prevent shrinkage and proved bulk, The mud is worded to a relatively thick consistency, pressed into forms and fired in a kiln at temperatures as high as 1.832 degrees Fahrenheit(1.000 degrees Celsius).many different process and procedures have been developed for the firing process, and modern brick factories can turn out million of bricks every years, another source of brick is recycling; when brick structures are demolished, the intact bricks are routinely collected and re-used.


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