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Brick Machine

Clay Brick Cutting Machine(clay brick making machine)

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accurately cut required clay column 
simple structure,easy maintenace 
high efficiency&yield 
low power consumed 
good quality 

Clay Brick Cutting Machine(clay brick making machine)  Tel:+8618737921985

1,The Billet Cutting Machine is a kind of accessory equipment for Vacuum Extruder which can cut the mud billet automatically extruded by Vacuum Extruder into fixed-length blank and then send to the Automatic Cutter.

2,It has the accurate length, vertical billet cutting, smooth delivery, adjustable speed without the damage to the bottom of the mud.

 3,Avoiding the waste, most enterprises can use up materials completely without waste so that production can increase8-15% without costs. Thus, it can increase the rate of finished products, preventing the duplicate extrusion, reducing the power consumption and wattles abrasion. 4,Instead of dynamic belt (which convey the waste material for reutilization) or manpower, it can greatly reduce overall costs of the brick.

 5,It is suitable for harder and semi-hard mud with the height of 160.


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