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How to produce hollow brick during the winter

During the winter, hollow brick production equipment will be very troublesome, because the raw material is easy to freeze before production, the temperature is too cold, it will cause startup trouble for the production process, and the preservation of finished products is also very troublesome, temperature and humidity requirements will be more high, accidentally frozen, it will not easy to sell the finished product, because the finished product will be very cold and brittle and can not use, the majority of the hollow brick design to prepare for production research and development are also under a lot of effort to protect the device’s normal production, so that investors achieve more economic income, and now if the device manufacturers want to make production during winter, attention on certain production methods will be necessary, the following will introduce some precautions:

  1. It is best to have a professional place to save certain temperature and humidity, so that it can protect the quality of finished product.
  2. The selection of raw materials must be strictly controlled , and customers should pay attention to the humidity of hollow brick materials.
  3. the temperature is too low in the north, the production should be indoors, if you really need the outdoor production, then the operator should pay attention not only warm, but also material and increase relevant additives.

If production is in the winter time, we must pay attention to these production methods, in order to guarantee production normally in winter, our company is specialized in producing hollow brick machine, warmly welcome customers to visit our factory.


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